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The Sequoia tree is one of the largest in the world. The seed is the size of a grain of wheat. One kind act will often seem unimportant but has ripple effects across humanity.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Beacon of Light.

Today is September 11th, 2009. A day when the earth cried 8 years ago. Throughout history there has been moments of time defined by evil. One of these moments came to American soil on this day. What happen we all know, the why’s and what happened this story is not about.

I remember that day well. I looked to a photo of someone I loved and said a prayer. He is my son Jordan. We hadn't spoken to each other for over 2 years. A bitter good-bye were the last words. I knew he was a soldier but remained stubborn in talking. Inside I missed him and thought about him everyday. A parent can relate with that. Life doesn't change the love.

I knew there would be war. I immediately thought about our last parting and how I wanted to tell him I loved him. I was proud of him for the things he had accomplished since leaving. No words can describe what this parent felt that day. Parents that did not even have children in the service became worried. Maybe their young children would someday be impacted by this day?

Jordan and I soon talked and put our differences aside. We didn’t know what the future would hold but I knew that he would never go again, even one day, questioning if he was loved. I always assumed he knew that but what had my actions shown?

As I watched the ceremony on TV (8 years later) I paused at the sound of the bells. I thought about the lives lost and how much grief would be felt as they tolled. I thought back to a picture I held close. The nation had called on a day of service to others. What did this mean? It meant that there was a movement of people trying to make the earth have a good day. What could we do? Do we give money to help a person or agency? What else would matter? Hum..............

I then remembered that I had received an email the day before from a local program that was helping homeless Vets (and others) get back on their feet. A local artist in town (known throughout the world) was donating artwork to this home. I thought that was pretty cool. My wife and I drove down to his Gallery and talked with him. We learned more about this humble man and his kind acts. To help give another a home is one of the most important gifts that can be given. These lives know what its like to look to the sky and fear black clouds. They know what it is like to go to sleep not knowing if they will wake up. Would they be set on fire or beaten for laughs? Imagine closing your eyes and having that last fear before you sleep.

We were really touched by this artists compassion. We made it our goal to highlight this to others. It took on a life of its own. Not by what we did (maybe at first) but by what others did. Within 3 days this programs mission was heard around the world. We watched on WORLD news as the story became a beacon of light to many. All started by a kind act.

The media gets dragged over the coals for always seeming to highlight negative news. Turn on the news and soon your depressed! Just anger coming out all over. There are some media outlets that could careless about what people think of all the bad news. The bottom line is the dollar and that is what talks at the end of the day.

I learned through this experience that its not always that way. The media organizations who highlighted this program were happy to help (which readers will learn more about later). Their own hearts played a role in this local program helping to give another a home. If people want more good news it’s up to them to help make it. Contact your local networks, or national networks, and pass good news around. You just never know what lives it may help in the end.

I can’t help but think of a life that may have been changed, and given a home (from the attention called to it). Maybe someone wrote the programs name down and handed to another, and then another. That name then becomes a bus ticket and then a bed. Think about it? Think about the life who is living in a bus station and seen this beacon of light on a TV bolted to a chair. Having nothing and then the feeling felt when just a tiny little bit of hope was felt. That’s powerful.

Anyone can do these projects. Good news is around you, you just need to have your eyes open to see it. The world has become just a little bit better from one kind seed planted. That seed took off and it blossomed on its own.

We will never forget the date September 11, 2001. To know that one of these projects may help a Vet, at this time of year, was an honor. May this September 11th be remembered by just one person finding a home. The timing couldn’t have played out on no better on a day that needed it most. Think about the day when the beating of the war drums began, and the life who may be coming home from the result of those drums. Some may have become aware that their lives matter on this exact day.

This post is a tribute to all the lives impacted by that one day of evil. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Tell the person you care about that you love them. Take nothing for granted and help the life next to you with theirs. We are in all of this together. What you do matters. ....... Quick as you know we were out of the picture…………

This project took about 20 hours from start to finish. A small amount of time in helping to make a better tomorrow.