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The Sequoia tree is one of the largest in the world. The seed is the size of a grain of wheat. One kind act will often seem unimportant but has ripple effects across humanity.

Monday, January 18, 2010

7.0 Earthquake.

A 7.0 earthquake violently changed the lives of millions. In a blink of an eye life changed that quick. Loved ones are thought about and sometimes the news only gets worse. What is believed in most, at this exact time, is hope. Faith is used in the delivery of this hope.

What could one family do, 2000 miles away, that could make any difference at all? We could give money but not much of it around so were there other ways? What was the “status” of the help needed? What was actually being done? All this information was quickly known. We emailed different agencies and learned first hand what could be done on a local level. There was a blood drive planned, to replenish the shelves, and to be prepared for the next natural disaster.

We were sent an “official” news release about this event and made flyers out of it. Stacks were left off where people gathered in town. Stores, bars, sledding hills were targeted. Many responded and said they would make copies and pass the information to the people they knew.

On the internet names and pictures started to come in at a shocking rate. People were all seeking information about missing loved ones. Fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, uncles, nieces with faces attached. Cries for help in locating these loved ones seemed endless. We had information that would be helpful but they probably would come across it anyways.

That’s when we decided to be part of the chain of people getting information out the door. We sent quick notes and letters to hundreds. Sending links to where there was possible news on the people they were desperately searching for. We had no idea if any of it would help. We had no clue what the results would be. None at all. Something just drove us to do what we could. It was doing the same to million, and maybe billions, of people. Certain events bring world attention. This was one of them. Te place that was struck already was experiencing hardships unimaginable. Before the earthquake many were making cake from dirt. Simply to trick their stomach into thinking it was full.

We wish we knew why faith is used after events that question its core beliefs of love. Why would this happen, along with the suffering of others across the world, if there was a “loving” God?

Don’t know the answer to these things. The answers will come….. Someday. Have to have faith.

We received an email that read this, in response to information passed on to them. You really never know how far a kind act can travel.

"My mother says thank you because since this happened my mother couldnt sleep or eat.She cried everyday and kept praying everyday for everyone and for our relative marie danielle janvier and her brother.Today around 1:30pm est we revieced the wonderful news that they were alive and alright.May jehovah bless america & the other counties for their efforts and haiti in this time In the name of jesus christ i pray amen. Keep HopeNprayer alive."